Welcome to the new year, narrative gamers!
It is kicking off with a number of events already this week!
Keep an eye on social media to see the flood of photos: use the links below to find each of the organizers’ or event accounts.

Oasis Aflame II (Las Vegas Open 2023) – Las Vegas NV, USA – 26-29th Jan 2023

NEO Bill Castello (host of the Rolling Bad podcast) is running the Oasis Aflame once more, where AoS players will sign a contract with one of several merchant caravans, and battle on the scorching sands of Aqshy.

Players will be paid in coins, which can be exchanged for all sort of magical items and bonuses. Each Player can also bring an Anvil of Apotheosis character as their own representation on the battlefield, who they can equip by spending coin. Armies will suffer attrition, as the casualty rules from Path to Glory will be in effect.


Holy Wars VIII: Reforged – Chicago IL, USA – 27-29th Jan 2023

NEO Stephen Herner is running, as always, the legendary biannual Holy Event (one being Holy Wars, the other Holy Havoc), both in the format of AoS doubles. The hallmark of the Holy events are the amazingly crafted custom tables, and their amazingly deadly special rules.

Each table represents a fantastical location in the Realms, and players can pick which table to fight on as they challenge an enemy team. Every table will provide a completely different experience (over the years, returning players try to collect em all by trying out all the tables at least once!). Each player will also be able to supplement their 1000pt army with a 500pt sideboard to exchange models with, between games, for added flexibility!


The Vitriol Sea II (CaptainCon 2023) – Providence RI, USA – 4-5th Feb 2023

NEO Nuno Martins is running this naval-themed event once more, fully focused on Warcry this year.
Players will bring a custom-made Warship to serve as a vehicle and display board, and will fight again a megabattle against the titanic realmbeast, the Charonhydra!

Each warband has a custom Captain fighter card representing a unique model to lead their vessel, and player will have to pressgang the locals of Aqshy as crew for their vessel… while gathering coin to spend on lesser artefacts and finance Treachery card actions.


This year at Adepticon there will be 3 (!) narrative events: two for Age of Sigmar (each their very unique experience) and one for Warcry.

The Gibbering Dome (Adepticon 2023) – Chicago IL, USA – 24th Mar 2023

This long-running narrative event returns, by the hands of NEOs Paul Wagner and Will Simpson (from the Mortal Realms podcast network), and once more runs players following their Path to Glory through the halls of the lost Gibbering Dome.

Players are asked to build their army’s background narrative, and will be paired with a rival player who they must prepare for a final battle at the end of the event.

Under The Boughs of the Gnarlwood (Adepticon 2023) – Chicago IL, USA – 24th Mar 2023

NEOs Josh Arrington and Vint Quamme (from the Dogs of Warcry podcast) are back and running another Warcry narrative at Adepticon. This time, warbands will be lost in the Gnarlwood as per this edition’s storyline, but just like their previous event, there will be branching quests that each player will make choices on, and experience a unique narrative.

Each player will finish the event with a special artefact unique from the Dogs of Warcry for your warband, to use in future events. There will also be an epilogue multiplayer battle at the end of the event, where the narrative will be resolved and the players’ choices will have an impact on its resolution.
You can listen to more details about the event from the Dogs of Warcry podcast (below).

Heroes of the Hinterlands (Adepticon 2023) – Chicago IL, USA – 24-25th Mar 2023

A new format on the narrative events scene, this event is run using the Heroes of the Hinterlands game mode published in White Dwarf #458. Each player controls only one Hero in an adventuring party, and the group cooperatively battles waves and waves of enemies controlled by a Game Master, while collecting items and exploring their environment.

From the event description:
“This event will have three play tables with adversaries ready to go based on the White Dwarf rule set.  Each table will also have a GM to help the players get started, assist with the adversaries, and guide the narrative.  Player runs until the party is wiped out or time is up on the event itself.

Players can bring their own Age of Sigmar heroes for this event, and only a single hero is required.  Any non-named Hero with seven (7) wounds or less is appropriate for this event.  Additionally custom heroes built using the Season of War: Thondia “Anvil of Apotheosis” rules.  In this case a hero can be up to 20 Destiny Points for construction and no more than 7 wounds. “

There will be several 4h slots, each of which a party of players can run this gauntlet and see how long they survive.

Keep an eye out for more events, and see if you can catch one!
Each is an amazing hobby and gaming experience that you won’t experience often, filled with enthusiastic players who want to share their fun with you.

Get in touch with us if you are running one, we will help spread out the word to bring more people to it!

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