The Coalescence team is coming together and beginning to plan another global narrative event to share with everyone in 2018. But before we start working on a new story for next year, we want to get feedback and input from those involved with Coalescence 2017.

First, do you have any ideas for how the story of Eristrat, unleashed by the powers of Chaos across the Mortal Realms, might continue into the next year? Do you have any ideas about shifting the story to some new themes? What stories could Coalescence 2018 explore that would interest you and your community? We’re looking for any and all suggestions, so don’t worry about specific details, just send us your general ideas by December 12th!

Second, are you interested in getting more involved with the wider event? We are looking for writers, graphic designers, playtesters, and community organizers to help us make CGNE18 even better than last year. You can let us know to what length and how long you want to volunteer your services. Indicate your interest in an email to

Thanks for your support!

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