Just over a year ago, before the NEON acronym and Coalescence event, some narrative event organizers started talking about how to combine their energy into an effort to highlight narrative play in Age of Sigmar and encourage more players to try it. Organizers behind a variety of AoS narrative events like Holy Wars, Realms at War, Rise of Empires, the Grand Narrative at NOVA Open, and Holy Havoc, among other narrative champions, began talking about the interests and ambitions they shared and how they could increase awareness of narrative play.

A kind of manifesto was penned, and when the WeAreTheNEON website started after 10 June 2017 we posted it on our  “About” page. On something close the anniversary of that manifesto, and as a new team has come together to start planning a new Coalescence event for summer 2018, we thought we would share that on a blog post here.

We are the NEON. Here is our manifesto:

Inspire players to embrace the Narrative Play of Age of Sigmar.

We wield models, play areas, terrain, maps, game mechanics and anything else we can think of to create and share stories within the Mortal Realms. When NEOs are given room to impact the battles on the table, the legends echo beyond the last battle round.

Produce a collective fountain of knowledge & resources

Beyond the 4 edges of the battlefield the NEOs play, experimenting with game mechanics, tweaking scenarios, and mashing ideas together to serve players and narrative. Because we freely borrow, we freely share.

Encourage more Narrative Events by encouraging more NEOs

We hail the NEOphyte who takes those community resources ventures out to run events of all sizes, from small weekend campaigns to full on narrative event weekends. The secrets of space rental, pack writing, event promotion, players attraction and expectation setting, need but to be unlocked.


Reviewing this document more than a year later we recognize some room for improvement, especially on the point of producing a collection of knowledge & resources. And in the coming year we resolve to provide more resources hosted here on this site, beyond the “How to NEO” series.

Remember, everyone can be a NEO, and joining the Network is easy! Send an email to WeAreTheNEON@gmail.com to sign up to get more involved.

Thanks for a year of support and encouragement from a community of ambitious NEOs and enthusiastic players.


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