Gary No, a new Narrative Event Organizer, joins us to talk about setting up an initial players pack for a Narrative event. Besides being a new NEO, Gary is the tournament organizer of the Da Boyz Grand Tournament and Gaming Weekend in Rochester NY USA


As Narrative Event Organizers (NEOs)  eagerly await the final players pack for the Coalescence: Malign Portents, I suspect our players are just as eagerly wondering what this event will look like. Even at this point there is a lot we can provide our players to better plan for this upcoming event.

Before I talk about what you want to tell your players, I think it’s important to talk about how you want to tell your players.    While there are a lot of options for me I found a simple Google Document on a Google Drive is an easy way to share the information, and update it easily.  If you haven’t used Google Documents before (and I hadn’t myself before a few years ago) it’s quite easy to set up and then share a link allowing others to view your document.  I use a gaming only Gmail address to keep all this separate from the rest of my life.      There are other options including hosting your own webpage or managing this on Facebook, a forum or other social media.    They each have their pros and cons but I think a link to a Google Document has the right mix of being free, fast, easily accessible, easily editable, and not requiring your target audience to be a participant in a specific social media platform.   Remember we only have preliminary information at the time I write this so you are going to want to be able to edit your event information easily.

Players are understandably going to want to know the basics, where, when, what do I need to bring.  I also think you are going to have to clarify how you want people to register for the event.

You are going to need to remind them of stuff you want them to bring. And if applicable any rules on things you don’t want them to bring (i.e. if your venue has rules on outside food and drink).

But most importantly I think you are going to need to explain to players a little about what your vision for a Narrative event is.   Brian has on our site previously written an article about introducing players to Narrative play.   As a guy who comes to this event from a Tournament Organizer background  I personally think it’s important that players understand a Narrative event won’t have a traditional ‘winner’ like a tournament and that a players count of ‘wins’ may not be the most important issue for determining awards (if any). I think I’m going to find that alonea refreshing change sitting in my organizer seat.  For my event I am providing awards and will likely have these reflect achieving specific in game goals, and for sportsmanship and army appearance. But what you value and if you want any awards at all is up to you!

Below this article is a sample template you could fill out for your event. I’ve left in some text specific to my event as I think it’s potentially helpful to other NEOs.

Wishing you all the best on your own Narrative Events.


Malign Portents Age of Sigmar event




Cost: If any and how you want them to pay.


Contact Email:

Registration: In this section talk about how you want people to register.  Facebook Events with ‘Going’ buttons have some uses but I prefer to have people email me to confirm they are coming and to provide a way to contact them as the Players Pack details get filled in, or in case of unexpected changes in venue etc. 

Event Overview:  This will be a relaxed and friendly “Narrative” Age of Sigmar event that is part of the international Coalescence: Malign Portents event on the same weekend around the world.   The results for our event will be submitted for the Coalescence results and the overall Malign Portents campaign results.  (Note the latter point might only be appropriate  if you are connected to a store submitting results for the campaign) 

A “Narrative” event is an opportunity to play games and contribute to the larger Malign Portents international story line.   The event will not focus on wins and losses and there will not be a single overall ‘winner.’  Awards will be given but they won’t be necessarily for winning the most games.  However skillful and competitive play will be needed to win some of the awards.  Painting, and being a fun opponent may also factor in.

For more on what’s going on in the story line for Malign Portents see the great teaser videos and short stories at:

Players Pack: The Players pack is being written by the international Coalescence group and further details will be shared when available.  Please keep an eye on this document as we will post updates in this document when they become available.   Remember to email us to sign up officially to be on the mailing list to get announcements when major updates are posted.

We know you will need 3 lists.     We plan on using the Matched Play rules from GHB 2017.

-Game 1 1000 points

-Game 2 1250 points

-Game 3 1500 points

While we don’t have the official rules pack we anticipate that players may want to bring one of the 4 Harbingers of the Malign Portents campaign.   These include the Stormcast Lord Ordinator, Darkoath Warqueen, Fungoid Cave Shaman, or the Knight of Shrouds.  Your local store can order these if they aren’t currently in stock.

What Players Need to Bring

Copies of their three army lists (Azyr App or Scroll Builder preferred).  Your army, dice, rulers, army books.  We’d recommend a plank, tray, box top or display board to make it easier to move your army from table to table during the event.


Thanks, Gary!


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