Something every Narrative Event Organizer thinks about is what kind of awards and even prizes are appropriate to hand out to players that distinguish themselves at an event. In a tournament it might be easy enough to award prizes to the lead player and the player that brought the best painted army to share. But there can be a variety of components to a narrative event, and a NEO could recognize good sportsmanship, background and description of special heroes in a player’s themed army, immersive play, most popular story during a narrative round, most valuable player on a team, and even arriving dressed in the best costume!

You know the players in your local community best. Think about what some of your players enjoy and consider recognizing the elements they enjoy with awards. This is an opportunity to recognize those few players that might not otherwise stand out in a competitive event, and also a way to value elements like sportsmanship, hobby & painting, and even cosplay and storytelling.

At a narrative event, especially when you don’t charge entry fees and don’t award cash prizes, players often arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy a day of fun games and spirited socializing. Consider embracing that and recognize it with certificates. Below are some links to fillable PDF certificates, in either letter or A4 sizes, you can customize for your event.

Coal_MP cert_letter

Coal_MP cert_a4

If you are considering how to charge a fee for the event, check out the article we published last year on charging entry fees.

And if you haven’t already signed up to run a Coalescence event this year, check out our registration page.

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