The admiral of fleets at NOVA Open 2018, Brian Orban, has been leading the narrative design team with a set of warscrolls and special rules for players to bring unique sky vessels with their respective armies while also upgrading these vessels during the course of the four-day event. Here’s Brian to give us a sneak peak at one of these vessels.

Here’s a preview of one of our Skyvessel warscrolls, to be added to the Preview Pack tonight! This particular class is the Mudamir, our gunboat. While every skyvessel has some ability to deal out damage, the Mudamir is what you chose if you want to dominate the shooting phase!

NOVA skyship warscroll

In each skyvessel packet you’ll find a front page: this is your warscroll, and you’ll play off this page throughout NOVA. The rest of the packet is the Skydock Store, and we’ve given you a sample store page below. In each game you’ll pick up gold and, occasionally, artifacts. These can be freely shared among your guild and be used for a variety of purposes, including bargaining for influence, priority of battlefield goals… or you can juice your skyvessel to do 24 wounds to targets 54 inches away!

When you buy a skyvessel upgrade, we’ll take your coin and trinkets and give you a sticker from our copy of this pack. We’ll apply it to the requisite section of your warscroll, and you’ll have a new profile in that section. You may end up applying two or three stickers to the same section of the warscroll if you want to really specialize. Now you’ve seen the Mudamir, and a few weeks ago we showed the Mythic. Four more classes await!

NOVA skyship stickers

The grand narrative event spans three days and two nights of games, team planning sessions, and even a diplomacy session at NOVA Open 2018. The event is filled, but there is a waitlist, and the event may be expanded if enough players register to add to wait list. And there is also the prologue event, one-day event on Thursday, August 30th, which is linked to the grand narrative but open to players that might prefer to play in the doubles event on Friday or the AoS GT on the weekend. And check out the NOVANEON18 group on Facebook where players and organizers post updates on their developing army narratives.


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