Matt Hayward is a knowledgeable Warhammer player and a NEO with a background in roleplaying games. He recently ran a narrative event inspired by other events but tailored to fit his local group in the best example of what the Coalescence global narrative event aimed to encourage. What follows is his description of the event followed […]


Rise of Empires: February 16-18

Many of us are excited about the upcoming Rise of Empires narrative event coming up, even if we can’t attend! If you don’t know about Rise of Empires, then read the description provided by the organizers. Rise of Empires is a 2-day Narrative Map Campaign weekend, where players can turn up with their armies, battle […]

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Nominate Your Heroes

Don’t forget to nominate your Warhammer Heroes! We believe in promoting all aspects of tabletop wargaming and recognizing the contributions by individuals to the community. Every effort from good sportsmanship as a player to the event organizer setting up demonstration games to show Warmhammer to new players is important to building community, but we recognize […]

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Friday Narrative Battleplan

We are starting a new feature every 3rd Friday: the narrative battleplan of the month! The very first featured battleplan is taken from the hot new release of the week, the Battletome: End Times, published in free PDF from Alexander Nygård on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017. The Siege of La Maisontaal is based on the very […]

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Battletome: The End Times

The End Times is here! That is, the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar End Times Battletome, written and edited by Alexander Nygård. The unofficial battletome features more than 100 photos of painted models, all on round bases. More than 50 different AoS fans have contributed to the project. Although the tome is released digitally, it has […]

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